Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my teaching blog! I hope you learn valuable and useful information here that can be brought back to your own classroom!

My name is Rosemary Garabito and incase you didn’t know, I’m addicted to teaching! I have a cliche story about how I’ve always wanted to be an educator–soooo I won’t really get into that now. As you can tell, I’m a teacher for the greatest school district in the world; The New York City Department of Education! I’ve been an educator for N.Y.C. D.O.E. since January 2016 and I’ve taught 1st grade, 5th grade and 4th grade. My journey in 1st grade was only for a month, I spent 5 months in 5th grade and this will  be my third year in 4th grade. I teach in an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) setting. I’m the certified Special Education teacher and the English as a New Language teacher.


Yes, I’m an educator who’s passionate about teaching- but I think my favorite part of teaching is learning. Learning about my new students each year, learning new strategies through Professional Development and reading, learning new skills and most of all learning more about our craft from other educators near and far.

I love to learn from others and hope that you can learn from me as well!

Random Facts About Me:

  • I’m married for three years this coming November
  • I love D.I.Y. projects
  • Iced coffee is another addiction of mine
  • I’m a landlord of a multi-family house that my husband and I bought one year ago
  • I moved from Rockland County, to Orange County and now finally to Westchester County- so I could be closer to my babies! (students, lol)
  • Personal development is important to me
  • I have my Master’s +30 credits
  • Naps are my favvvoriteeeee
  • If I could sleep until 10AM everyday, I would
  • I prefer fall weather
  • I have one sister and 4 sisters in law
  • I have 3 nieces and 4 nephews
  • I do not have any kids yet
  • Sometimes my ultimate goal is to be an administrator, while other times I never want to leave the classroom

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